Application Resources

Applications for the Washington University R25 STRENGTH are open.


Below is a list of the available mentors.  To propose a mentor who is not on the list, please contact Rachel Hogan at

Name Area of Research
1 Aft Breast cancer, clinical trials, surgery
2 Bailey Application of IT for health care quality
3 Bierut Cancer/tobacco prevention/genetics
4 Colditz Cancer, health care outcomes
5 Curiel Cancer therapeutics
6 DiPersio Cellular therapy, hematologic maligncies
7 Ding Cancer genetics/genomics
8 Druley Genetic variation in cancer
9 Gage Clinical and outcomes research design
10 Gillanders Cancer vaccines, clinical trials, cellular therapy, surgery
11 Guttman Neurology and human genetics
12 Heath Genetics, psychology, cancer
13 Kozower Lung Cancer, Clinical Outcomes
14 Mehta-Shah Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, T/NK-cell lymphomas
15 Meyers Cancer, pulmonary disease, thoracic surgery, outcomes research
16 Olsen Infectious complications, cancer, epidemiology, CER
17 Piccirillo Cancer, outcomes, co-morbidities
18 Province Cancer, genomics, statistical genetics
19 Ratner Cancer, molecular genetics, clinical trials
20 Rubin Cancer, genetics, pediatric oncology
21 Saccone Cancer, genetics, prevention
22 Shannon Biostatistics and statistical genomics
23 Tomasson Cancer, cellular therapy, genomics
24 Wang-Gillam Pancreatic cancer
25 Weilbaecher Cancer, biology
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If you would prefer to fill out a PDF form instead of the digital form also on this page, you can download it below with the link below.